Teaching Philosophy

Why we at ScienceSpeak.org do what we do:

We are rooted in the idea that all of us, everywhere, should have the goal of working toward a science-literate, Earth-literate, educated society.

We strive to deliver education that helps learners, both in and out of school, develop tools to think critically, reflect on issues, and build the  understanding they will need to be able to fully participate in the world in which they live.

How we do what we do:

We base our work on the NAAEE Guidelines for Excellence and on key environmental education literature. For instance, Pennock and Bardwell (1994) recommend a five-step process as a framework for addressing environmental issues, including (1) choosing the issue, (2) clearly identifying the problem that the learners will be involved in helping to solve, (3) helping the learners to search for solutions, (4) working with them to evaluate options, and (5) encouraging the learners to take action, through sharing with others, making personal commitments, helping related organizations, or conducting direct action projects.

Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate

As we help our learners navigate Earth and environmental science topics, the 5E approach provides a useful framework for developing and presenting materials. We want learners to be engaged. Many of the issues affecting our planet and environment are large and complex. Being able to help learners through a clear process, beginning with their engagement, helps us all to build and share knowledge and accomplish potentially smaller goals along the way, which can themselves be great outcomes.