What’s on this page? Most of these original entries were developed as blog posts with an emphasis on including some instruction.  In our latest round of updates, we’ll be adding some tailored curriculum materials for addressing a few different topics. Stay tuned!

Weather and Climate
Fun with Snow
Sunrise, Sunset, and Swiftly Moving Through the Days
Use Your (Correct) Words: The Difference Between Weather and Climate
Plant Phenophases and Citizen Science
Instructional Resource: Climate Tales from Trees – available on request

Simple Math with Oil Spills
Melting Snow and Rising Rivers
Instructional Resource: Water in the American West – coming soon
Instructional Resource: The Water Saver Game – available on request

General Earth Science
What is a Mineral?
Earthquake Education
Earth Science Resources – available on request

Astronomy and Space
Links coming soon! (Please pardon our dust during construction.)

Sciencespeak Creative offers a collection of online posts and “idea sparks” focused on various Earth and environmental topics. New material is always being added. If you have a request for a topic you’d like to see addressed, send us a note, and we just might be able to help out!

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