ScienceSpeak Creative provides a connection to both live and online content related to Earth science education. Our team is out and about, busy learning and teaching about our phenomenal planet. You can occasionally find us sharing the wonders of astronomy and night sky viewing at parks and other locales or doing ocean science, snow melt, cloud formation, air pressure, or other demonstrations at STEM fairs and school events.

Amy Stevermer
ScienceSpeak Creative Lead
Amy’s background brings together experience in natural science, technical communication, and Earth system/environmental education. She is an expert maker of clouds-in-a-bottle and a developer of learning resources related to weather and climate, water, natural hazards, astronomy, and other Earth Science topics. Her primary focus is on finding opportunities to help people learn more about their natural environment through a range of primarily non-formal education and curriculum development activities. View more info at Amy’s EEPro profile.

Stay Connected

Need science fair project advice, or working on a STEM badge? Get in touch at inquiries (at) to ask about available resources.

Check out our Facebook page for more information, including school-year posts of fun, peer-vetted “Friday At-Home Science Day” activities!


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